Saturday, 8 July 2017

4 Interesting Questions About Cakes

They say that a cake is not just a dessert. It is a piece of art. Moist, spongy, and loaded with creamilicious goodness of every imaginable variety, it is a true wonder for all. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, rakhi, diwali or any other occasion, no event is complete without a slice of cake.

The joy of a cake
Known and loved by all, no one can say no to a cake! Here are some of the questions that often come to our mind when we think of cakes –

· Where did the idea of cakes come from?
Historical references state the practice of baking cakes was popularized in medieval Europe. They were essentially bread with a hint of sweetness added to them. It was in the 19th century in the beginning of industrial revolution, that baking goods became more affordable and people started experimenting with the cake baking process, and thus modern cakes were born.
· Why is a cake round?
Cakes are hand baked in flat pans. This makes them form a natural round shape when they cool down.
· Where did the word cake come from?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “cake” has its roots in the old Norse word “kaka” which literally means sweet bread. Bakers in medieval Europe adopted this word and Anglicized it to the word we all know – “cake”.
· Is cake a kind of bread?
A cake may be referred to as a type of bread, but it is not exactly bread. The main difference between differences between the two is their baking process. The exterior of a cake is given form with the help of baking powder, while yeast is added to bread instead.

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